Tips To Bid On Your Dream House

Buying a home involves both emotional & financial quotient. It’s not only about finding, and liking a home for its locality and interiors but also & most of all about ‘money.’ So, is buying a home on your radar? Here are some tips to bid on your dream home. Research: Be ready with all the details for your bid. Do […]

Conveyance Deed & Many Other Deeds In Real Estate

Are you new to Real Estate? Is the word “Deed” sound a bit confusing? – especially the most famous  “Conveyance Deed” in Real Estate! We are here to help, here’s all about the different types of deeds and especially the former. So let’s start with the basics and then move onto Conveyance Deed meaning.   So what is a deed? […]

Accumulated demand to help boost the real estate sector this festive season

With the Indian real estate sector recovering steadily, the festive season is expected to provide a major boost. The buyer sentiment has undergone considerable change, resulting in fresh demand for properties. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the real estate sector with various problems. The industry went into a period of slowdown between April and June, struggling to record new sales. […]

SVAMITVA Scheme: Purpose, advantages and beneficiaries

In a recent move, the Government of India started the allocation of property cards, under SVAMITVA scheme. Dedicated to the residential houses in rural areas, the scheme aims to provide clear ownership documents to the homeowners. While owning a property is a matter of prestige; lack of awareness and procedural hassles have long prevented the homebuyers in rural areas from […]