Accumulated demand to help boost the real estate sector this festive season

With the Indian real estate sector recovering steadily, the festive season is expected to provide a major boost. The buyer sentiment has undergone considerable change, resulting in fresh demand for properties. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the real estate sector with various problems. The industry went into a period of slowdown between April and June, struggling to record new sales. […]

Making Your Living Room More Effective

Okay, so you have bought an incredibly expensive house and have just started to make changes in regards to interiors. Whether you have an expansive foyer, a narrow hallway or just a small area around your front door, the entry to your home is important because it’s the first thing guests see when they step through the door. It’s also […]

Rental v/s EMI

Nowadays people in metro cities are a bit confused about buying a home. Many things like primary investment, savings, monthly expense, location, maintenance, privacy objective etc. are disturbing their mindset and finally choose to live in a rental home for the rest of their life. But do you think these people are taking the right decisions? Whether this rental  ideology […]

Should you buy a home in 2020?

In the backdrop of the changing realty climate, a critical question that the prospective buyers are facing is whether to buy a home in 2020 or defer their investment plan until the market regains stability. Here’s our answer, The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the homebuying trend in India. With widespread job losses and salary cuts, prospective homebuyers are petrified of […]